Best Ways To Use CBD

I am such a proponent of CBD that I created my own line. I wanted to create beautiful products made with the highest integrity to make people feel great!!!!! With Lotus Hemp Company you know exactly what is in it and I always make sure...

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What’s In Your Recipe?

What’s In Your Recipe? By: Kirsten Louise Cantley, MA. LPC   The other day I had meatballs for lunch. I woke up the next morning and started thinking about meatballs and how every recipe is different. Then I started thinking about how everyone’s life is different and how...

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How to Put the Spark Back into Your Marriage.

This article was originally published by October, 2019     Let’s face it sex can get routine, downright boring after you have been married for a while. The same old routine. The same positions, the same person initiating it, it’s like a movie that you have seen...

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Why CBD???

Being a holistic psychotherapist means that I not only incorporate the mind, body and spirit together with traditional psychotherapy to heal and change my patients' mental state, I also find evidence based research on things that can naturally help them instead of reaching for a...

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Cantley Counseling | No Fear

No Fear

Living our best, most delicious, authentic life. The life that we were meant to live. In Cognitive Behavioral Theory (CBT) one of the techniques of facing your fears and overcoming them is called: In Vivo Exposure. So for today do something that your are fearful...

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